Anybody who owns a television has probably been thoroughly pestered by the latest companies to splurge millions of dollars into every advertising opportunity. Draft Kings and FanDuel are plastering themselves into every nook and cranny humanly possible. The advertising isn’t limited to television. They have ads on websites, in magazines, on social media feeds, they are everywhere. The two companies are trying to revolutionize the world of sports betting.

Most bets are done off the record in pools or using bookies. By law any form of gambling not regulated by the state is illegal. FanDuel and Draft Kings are giving people the easiest access to win money. The amount of money that can be wagered ranges from single digit dollar amounts to bets in the thousands of dollars. The safety and privacy of the internet makes gamblers feel more secure as opposed to a casino or street bets.

The events that can be bet on are as expected, everything. College and pro football, college and pro basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, horse racing, you name it they got it. Bets can be placed on the outright winners of games, as well as spreads and over/under numbers. The miscellaneous categories that can bet on are statistics that range from interceptions, stolen bases, and I’m sure you bet on the amount of times Peyton Manning will say Omaha or audible a play.


The fantasy football and sports betting industry is nothing new, but Draft Kings and FanDuel are tiptoeing the line of absurdity. I can’t turn on ESPN without seeing an ad for winning incredible amounts of money just for playing a simple game. I can’t even remember which company it was, because they all blend together in my mind. Quite frankly I don’t even care.

The people who planned these marketing strategies are borderline evil. Seeing the same three ads all day, every day is an eye sore. They are all the same mundane, bland rags to riches stories, Average Joe wins blah, blah, blah amount of money so you can too! I pray a report comes out about how much money they bring in, compared to their distributed winnings. The suffocating ad campaign is the last thing that would make me want to actually participate in either of these sites. You would think a marketing strategy geared towards a more humorous, less in-your-face approach would be better equipped for catching the attention of a few million people.

We all have friends that participate in multiple fantasy leagues. Hearing them talk about all four-dozen of them gets pretty annoying. Can you imagine the amount of useless chatter that will circulate if more people start playing fantasy for money? Draft Kings and FanDuel’s success could lead to a high demand in ear plugs.

FanDuel and Draft Kings seem like their only goal is to create a nation of addictive gamblers. I really do not want to be surrounded by people with their phones glued to their hands during a game with their only concern being making money. The shanked field goals and fumbles on Sundays will lead to way too many angry penniless gamblers. The baseball post season will probably see a few fist fights and broken TVs all thanks to FanDuel and Draft Kings making a legion of crazed gamblers.

Are all users of FanDuel and Draft Kings obsessive gamblers? Of course not. But I get the sense from all these ads, that the target audience is not the group of people willing to wager five bucks a weekend. The worst part is, the money being funneled into these companies will probably get towards more ads.

I’ve watched a lot of gambling movies and shows. If there’s one thing I learned, its that the house always wins.

I don’t see this case being any different.