I have a decent amount of athletes I do not like. Tony Romo, Bryce Harper, Matthew Dellavedova, Sidney Crosby, Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and there’s more but that’s not my point.

The previous players I listed aren’t awful people. I only have issues with them because they are on a team I don’t like, they’re just annoyingly good, or they have some less than endearing antics while playing. Without the uniforms I have no ill-will for any of them. If I had to interact with any of those players, I’d treat them like anybody else, with respect, decency, and a handshake.

Greg Hardy is on my list of disliked players for being a garbage, remorseless, despicable human being.

The Deadspin article (must read) featuring photos and police reports of the Hardy incident are viciously unsettling.

There are bruises all over Nicole Holder’s body. She received them by either being thrown against a bathroom wall, being thrown on a futon full of assault rifles, or choked to the point where she wished for her own death. 

If anybody can find those heinous actions defensible, please stop reading my work and go get your head checked.

If you weren’t convinced Hardy is a total dirtbag yet, HE CALLED 911 TRYING TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE HE WAS ASSAULTED.

via deadspin.com
via deadspin.com 

I mean for crying out loud he was calling the 911 operator bro, like they were going to grab a drink together later.

And to top it all off he is back to making millions of dollars and his record his expunged. He now has the same criminal past as a freaking altar boy.


I find it close to impossible to believe that the NFL didn’t see these documents. How can anybody with any sense of morality know these pictures exist and REDUCE his 10 game suspension to 4 ?

I mean by those standards Aaron Rodgers could blow up a building and only get an 8-game suspension and Cam Newton could start a fire that burns down Yellowstone National Park and sit out for 2 games.

What does it say about society’s standards when we let this guy continue to play a professional sport ?

I come from a middle class, blue-collar type background surrounded by; work boots wearing, beer sharing, selfless caring people. And if anything like this was committed by anybody associated with that group of people, they would be shunned and thrown to the wayside like they were nothing.

Why does being rich and athletic make you important, when you can’t be an adequate human being ?

If you assault somebody like Hardy did, you will be behind bars. End of story.

Manage a hedge fund and assault someone. Jail.

Teach high school and assault someone. Jail.

Fly a plane and assault someone. Jail.

Play NFL football and assault someone. Essentially unscathed


I could have told you the NFL suits were a bunch of spineless pushovers. That’s almost common knowledge at this point. The real head-scratcher is why the Dallas Cowboys would sign him.

He’s an incredible athlete. That isn’t even an argument.

If you have the ability to make the Cowboys a better football team, nothing else matters. If you can make Jerry Jones happy, then you have zero worries. Hardy signed with Dallas and did nothing to boost his image. If anything he made it worse.

Sexist comments during an interview, a coach altercation, and a almost physical argument with the Cowboy’s messiah Dez Bryant have established himself at the bottom of the totem pole. Jerry Jones even called him a leader. That wasn’t a typo.

Don’t expect Jerry’s senile, Chris Christie-loving, overbearing self to cut his precious Dallas Cowboy. Because through the holier-than-thou Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones and his people can help Hardy turn his life around. Only in Dallas because they’re America’s team. I mean somebody need’s to fund Jerry’s facelifts.

Excuse me while I vomit…..

If Hardy isn’t cut, the NFL needs to be seriously revamped. It’s putting harmony before the truth.


Nicole Holder is a daughter, a friend, and now a victim. So what is her justice ? Because I can’t see any right now.

If this aggravates you spread the word. Voice your disgust with the entire situation of this deeply saddening incident.Blow up the internet with anti-Hardy posts.The Cowboys and the NFL should be overwhelmed with disgruntled fans. Greg Hardy should need security in public to protect himself from people harassing him. There should be women’s rights activists protesting outside his home yelling, until his ears go numb.  Hardy deserves every cheap-shot that hopefully comes his way. His life should be much harder than its been recently.

This isn’t because he’s a Cowboy. It’s because the Cowboys and the NFL are enabling him.

Anyone remember the NFL’s “No More” campaign ? Where are those ads now ? Hardy playing another down in the NFL is like acting those commercials never aired.

The perfect storm of NFL incompetency and the Dallas Cowboys’ lust for winning over everything has created a disturbing case of our society’s inability to respond to violence against women. That’s an issue that goes beyond sports.

The only bright spot in this scenario is that hopefully, finally someone will put put their foot down and stand up for what is right. I hope this brings a whole new attention to abuse against women and the treatment of over-privileged athletes. If not, the whole situation is puzzling and infuriating.

Allow me to reiterate my title…

Greg Hardy, F*ck You