The quality of leadership in Philadelphia sports has been highly scrutinized during the recent series of unfortunate events. The city as a whole is in the midst of a depressing hailstorm of losses and injuries. There is not enough alcohol or greasy food to ease the pain of watching the favorite teams go down swinging time after time. The days of success feel like they are a half century ahead of us, like running a mile in quicksand. So which of these men are best fit to bring pride back to the city ?

4. Dave Hakstol


I know its his rookie campaign but Hakstol has the smallest sample size to work with. The Flyers are as expected this season, pretty average. There are fantastic vets on the team like Wayne Simmons, Jakub Voracek, and Claude Giroux. There’s some young talent like Scott Laughton, Coots, and Ghost. And last but not least, there’s the essential nobodies like Vinny LeCavalier and Luke Schenn. Long story short the Flyers are a middle of the road team. This season they had two wins through a thirteen game stretch and are in the vicinity of a .500 record. The production for the Orange and Black may not be a direct connection between the team and Coach Hak just yet, but at this point in time its hard to judge his coaching prowess and I genuinely wonder if he would have been considered for the job if he didn’t coach Hexy’s son in college.

3. Chip Kelly


A few years ago he’d be number one, but fast forward to the latter half of the 2015 season and he has lost the faith and support of the city. He castaway proven playmakers and did a horrendous job replacing them. Chip got his way and traded Nick Foles for Sam Bradford and failed to give him legitimate protection from the offensive line. His methods and strategies have worn thin and he ceases to adjust. 2015 was a reality check for Chip. He won 20 game in two seasons and has come crashing down to Earth. The loss against Detroit was a huge knock to the credibility of Kelly. The worst part of the game was watching rookie Eric Rowe be asked to cover Calvin Johnson one-on-one . Expecting Rowe to contain the most dominant receiver since Randy Moss is like having confidence in a minor league call-up to make solid contact with an Aroldis Chapman fastball. Leaving Rowe in a position to get beat repeatedly is just poor leadership. The football intelligence of Chip Kelly is not suspect, but his biggest hindrance is his mentality and stubbornness to adapt. The team imploded against Tampa Bay and zero changes were made against Detroit and the result was the same. Anybody know the definition of insanity ?

2. Pete MacKanin


MacKanin was given the keys to the franchise after Ryne Sandberg resigned. The Phillies were 26-49 under Ryno and were just not enjoyable to watch. MacKanin helped the Phils get to 63 wins. It’s not a gaudy accomplishment, but things could have gone much worse. There was a different feeling watching the Phillies under MacKanin. Right after the All-Star break the Phillies went 12-2 as part of a 21-12 run. A new general manager and an offseason as the official manager should give MacKanin a nice jumpstart to his first full season at the helm. There’s budding talent on the MLB roster and high-profile prospects that could all see MLB action this season. Young players like Aaron Altherr, JP Crawford, Jake Thompson, and several others put MacKanin in a fantastic position to succeed down the line. MacKanin is in the best position to succeed out of anyone in charge of the pro Philly teams.

1. Brett Brown

Before your jaw drops and you think I’m insane for putting him above everyone else. Hear me out.
Brett Brown’s ability as a coach is not reflected in his win-loss record. He’s won 38 games at this point in time and its his 3rd season in charge. A few teams in the NBA could win 38 games this season blindfolded. Brown left one of the best organizations in professional sports to coach for a team trying to land lottery picks. He was under Greg Popovich (in my opinion the greatest coach in NBA history) and was surrounded by Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Gionbili, and other savvy veteran talents on a daily basis. He went from the penthouse to the outhouse willingly. His job to keep a roster full of young players playing at 110% while obtaining a disgusting amount of losses is remarkable. And maybe even more impressive, is his ability to keep his own head on straight. He wakes up in the morning and looks forward to coaching a group of ragtag kids. The Sixers are not a good team, but you will not find a team that plays harder. Brett Brown has had to coach guys like Jarvis Varnado, Elliot Williams, Phil Pressey, and Daniel Orton for crying out loud! He gets thrown a bunch of questionably talented, limited “role players” every season and somehow gets their total effort. I mean Hollis FREAKING Thompson is his most experienced player. He is signing up to get handcuffed by a general manager and trying to fit square pegs in round holes. Speaking of general manager…..
Brett Brown has been the face of the organization throughout his tenure. He has always been honest and up-front during his media sessions and never spews useless BS. He was quoted over 450 separate times last year. He finds positives during losing streaks and relishes the occasional wins. He represents the 76ers during the good and the bad. The Jahlil Okafor situation was handled masterfully by Brown. And did the owner or general manager comment ? NOPE. He chooses to work for Josh Harris and Sam Hinkie, the guys that have been leaving him in the line of fire ever since his hiring. Hinkie had three interviews last year. So they can’t even do one interview when the best player they’ve had in years is suddenly going rogue ? They had the balls to blow up a historic franchise and don’t have the decency to say one sentence. These chicken sh*t weasels can’t keep acting like the people associated with organization are just assets. Show some regard for your fans and players and act like you care !
Brett Brown has been; a coach, a guidance counselor, a babysitter, a father figure, a public relations manager, and a Sixers ambassador all while losing a boatload of games, being asking to field questions constantly, and constant roster changes. He really enjoys a job 99% coaches would never take on. If he gets the proper talent around him, Brett Brown could put together a legitimate basketball team. He is the right guy to lead this team down the road and if he doesn’t get that chance it would be a travesty to a man that has done so much for the Sixers organization (And put up with so much BS). Brett Brown’s impact goes well beyond his win-loss record. He is a Philly guy in every aspect.