On Thanksgiving afternoon I took off my Eagles windbreaker in utter disappointment. I was prepping for another nosedive of a season. Deja Vu all over again. Fast forward to December 6th and I’m getting a dangerous sense of optimism.

The Eagles just beat the world champions.

Yeah read that again. Doesn’t even look right.

The Eagles went to Massachusetts and kicked the Patriots in the teeth. It was far from the blowout it seemed like in the early 4th quarter, but this is an Eagles team that had no business being in that game. It was an NFL upset.

The Eagles finally showed tenacity after getting bullied in two straight games. Sam Bradford came back from two injuries and did a terrific job managing the game. Chris Maragos was the catalyst behind a huge special teams day. Fletcher Cox was annihilating the offensive line with the help of Brandon Graham and Connor Barwin. Malcolm Jenkins looked like he was shot out of a cannon. Jason Peters had an incredible block to convert the 3rd and long late in the game. And Darren Sproles once again proved himself to be one of the league’s most lethal weapons, without him I don’t want to even think about where this team would be.

Everybody wearing green yesterday contributed to the win. It was all about the team as a whole.

The fashion in which the Eagles up ended the Pats was incredibly satisfying.

The post game press conference featured a frowny, emotionless Bill Belichick having to deal with a second straight loss. Tom Brady was hit 13 times and picked off twice. The always reliable New England special teams crumbled for two Eagles touchdowns. The look of nervousness and disbelief was glued to the faces of the Patriots fans and players who thought they were going to steamroll a listless Eagles team on the verge of a freefall. Fans of the reigning Super Bowl champs were leaving early and even booing.

I mean when you have your backup  free safety try an onsides dropkick and throw a pass to Tom Brady who scampered out of bounds like Bambi, you don’t deserve to win. Borderline disrespectful.

The postgame quotes from the victors were full of positivity and reassurance. A new energy seems to be flowing through the organization. Jeffrey Luire giving pep talks, postgame interviews with swearing, and Connor Barwin getting a beer,  made for an enjoyable Sunday night.

The Eagles still have a lot to prove if they want to squeak into the postseason, but yesterday’s win shows that they won’t go down without a fight. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the Patriots finish further than the Eagles. They are by far the better team. The Birds might not even win the mess known as the NFC East. But any of the negativities associated with the Eagles yesterday should be tossed to the side. They beat a good football team and its a win that should be cherished until Sunday. The Patriots are still the Patriots, but that doesn’t mean the huge win can’t be enjoyed.

Chip and the gang averted disaster and managed to live another day.

And now my hopes are up.

Damn you Eagles for giving me the notion that you guys can be special.

Buckle up guys, things will get interesting, one way or another.


As Red said inside Shawshank Prison,

“Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.”