Raise your hand if you saw this coming…

If you raised your hand, stop lying.

The firing of Chip isn’t exactly a jaw dropper, but a Tuesday night before the last regular season game ? And the fact that its a practically meaningless game makes it all more puzzling.

Chip finished 26-21 at the helm of the Eagles. With zero postseason wins.

I think he bit off more than he could chew. He castaway proven playmakers like Jeremy Maclin, DaSean Jackson,  and LaSean McCoy. Personnel changes are expected, but doing a substandard job of replacing them is not acceptable. Chip thought he had the edge and had nothing.

His methods became mundane and frustrating. Shotgun on short yardage, getting back to the line of scrimmage after incomplete passes at a feverish pace, and the same useless, ridiculous offensive plays were enough to throw your remote through your TV. Chip’s first season was his most successful, and it looks like those who said it was because Andy’s guys were left, are probably right.

The Eagles were a few moves from becoming legitimate after 2013, and now they are in the basement.

I understand people being happy about Chip being let go, but why anyone is ecstatic about this is beyond me.

The Eagles are not a quick fix.

The Eagles have an offensive line that struggled all year, failing to provide adequate protection for an injury-ridden quarterback and couldn’t open up holes for an All-Pro running back. Finding two or three quality lineman to add isn’t like grocery shopping.

There are basically zero weapons on the outside. Nelson Agholar, Riley Cooper, and Josh Huff were underwhelming. Agholar and Huff are young and still have room to develop, but they still have no excuse for their lackluster 2015. And let’s not forget that bum Miles Austin. There was no quality production from any receiver not named Jordan Matthews.

As for Sam Bradford, I think he can become a reliable quarterback with a better frontline, a different scheme, and a consistent run game. Bradford did show some signs of improvement over the season, with little to no help at times. He basically threw the ball to Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz, and the running backs all year. Bradford did a decent job considering he had a less than ideal support system. Chip getting the boot puts his future in Philly in jeopardy

The personnel on the defense is not entirely bad, anyone not named Billy Davis could have had a better defensive plan. Most of the starters on the defense could serve as reliable players in a different scheme. Bigtime contributors on the defense are facing looming contract situations like Walter Thurmond, Nolan Carroll, and Fletcher Cox. The depth on the defense is nothing special either. I mean Marcus Smith is on the depth chart.  The defense is a work in progress.

So the new coach and general manager will have to clean up Chip’s mess and sort out his personnel mishaps while brining in people of their own. Firing Chip killed one process and started another one with no clear cut plan. The Eagles are not closer to success today than yesterday.

Chip’s intentions were among the best and his courage was admirable, but the results weren’t there and now the Eagles are stuck in neutral.

So everyone acting like Chip’s canning is the greatest thing ever, should really think about the current state of the franchise. Unless the Eagles catch lightning in a bottle, we could be talking about the Sixers or Phillies finding success before the Eagles. The Eagles becoming a title threat is most likely not around the corner. Unless {insert future coach here} does an outstanding job, the Eagles won’t be much better under him than Chip next season.

And  essentially everyone was in love with Chip after his first season, so I’m just assuming the majority of Chip haters must have the memory of a goldfish. Today Chip got humiliated, he couldn’t deliver his promises. So as of today nobody won this decision, not Chip and not the Eagles.