The San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and St. Louis Rams have all filed for relocation to Los Angeles, California. The news is not a shock, considering the lack of recent success among the teams. The move to LA will give a team the first-crack at quite possibly the largest market without an NFL team. The financial boon that will ensue after a relocation to LA could be lucrative to say the least.

The Chargers have had six playoff appearances in 20 seasons and averaged 66,500 fans per home game in 2015 with a stadium that can fill 71,500.

The Raiders have had three playoff appearances in 20 seasons and averaged 54,613 fans per home game in 2015 with a stadium that holds 63,000. That’s roughly 9,000 empty seats in their 2nd best season since losing the Super Bowl in 2002.

The Rams have five playoff appearances in 20 seasons, but one of them is an almighty Super Bowl victory. They ranked dead last in attendance this year averaging 52,402 fans in a dome that can hold 66,000. 14,000 empty seats is pathetic.

To put things in perspective, Cleveland is a dreadful football organization and they averaged 66,000 per outing.

The three LA wannabes are all viable relocation candidates that could use a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery.

But LA ?

My big question for this whole process of bringing the NFL back to LA is…

If its such a great football city then why isn’t a team there already? They’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked. Why is it different now ?

The Rams left for Anaheim in 1979 after some respectable success since their inaugural 1946 season. (They were having trouble filling up the LA Colliseum, but remained under the Los Angeles title.)

The Raiders played in LA from 1982-1994, won a Super Bowl and still felt the need to leave.

The Chargers played in LA for one year before moving to San Diego in 1961.

This makes no sense. So going back to a market that clearly can’t do enough to keep an NFL team now deserves one (or two) ?

The proposed Carson Stadium that would be financed and shared by the Raiders and Chargers is expected to cost $1.78 billion and take up 157 acres. A 350-room hotel and entertainment space is also included in the plan.

The Rams have already broken ground on a the Los Angeles Entertainment Center (City of Champions Stadium) which will be a $2.66 billion undertaking. It’ll include an NFL stadium, a concert venue, a hotel, etc.

(Keep in mind nobody has received permission to move yet)

The two stadiums look like places the Jetsons would go to watch football.

I’m not an economics/financial guru, but it can’t be smart to decide to go back to an NFL ghost town and throw around an unprecedented amount of money. It’s a gamble. A huge one that could flop and leave a lot of people pissed off and investors with lighter pockets.

But maybe it is the final frontier for the NFL to conquer. The second most populated city in America could have finally found a way to support an NFL franchise. Maybe the gazillions of dollars sunk into stadium complexes will pay off. (I watched every single episode of Entourage and LA seems like a nice place.)

LA seems to be getting a shot after redemption after failing THREE times to keep a team around for a long period of time. It is unfitting they get the chance over places like San Antonio, Las Vegas, Portland, and others deserving of an NFL team.

LA will most likely get their wish of an NFL franchise, because of one word…


The owners are going gem hunting, trying to find diamonds.

They don’t care about the millions of fans that will get left in the dust as the moving trucks pull away, bound for LA. This is the chance to revive a desolate professional football wasteland, turn a huge profit and rake in all the glory. The fans who couldn’t support a team, will probably get a shiny, new, luxury stadium that will probably charge $8 for a hotdog and $12 for a beer and be the host of a mediocre team. I’m doubting the owners will lose any sleep over it.

This is the antithesis of Robin Hood. Taking from the wealthy and leaving those deserved as afterthoughts. The money is in LA not San Diego, Oakland, or St. Louis.

I’m not an LA hater in any respect. LA got its chance, so the NFL should move on. The “LA needs an NFL team” explanation has no merit.

So between the Dodgers, Kings, Clippers, Lakers, Galaxy, USC Trojans, and UCLA Bruins, there’s a need for more teams ? That’s not even including the Ducks and Angels in Anaheim.

The NFL is no stranger to money-driven decisions, but this one could take the cake. Everyone knows the NFL will do whatever it can to cash checks, but the money is derived from fans. They’re the ones that could get left out in the cold, if the NFL gets the chance to sun bathe in Southern California.