Sam Hinkie is no longer the shot caller of the Philadelphia 76ers. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein Hinkie has resigned. The timing of the departure is peculiar to say the least considering there are still games left in the season. The Sixers won 45 games over his tenure as general manager.

Every Sixers fan has criticisms of “The Process”, it was far from perfect and was a huge catalyst for basketball agony …..but…..

It was the prime option for a Sixers team that was on the fringe of falling into obscurity. They were a late lottery team with no legitimate potential or tradable assets. They would have needed to catch lightning in a bottle to elevate themselves from the quicksand of the NBA’s middle-ground. For crying out loud Kwame Brown was a Sixer before Hinkie was hired. KWAME FREAKING BROWN.

So Sam Hinkie decided to turn the sports world on its head and put a team with rich history through a series of losses and all types of basketball impurities. He was willing to defy the normality of professional sports in hopes for long terms success. Get assets, develop young talent, and save cap space.

The past three years have been rough, very rough. But if you want some perspective, the Sacramento Kings haven’t made the postseason in a decade. So is three years really that long ?

I’m not a diehard Hinkie faithful, but it is seriously unfair how the owners of this team let him obliterate this team and are forcing him out before he can get a chance to get things going.

Say what you want about the Sixers win/loss record but Hinkie put them in a better position than several current NBA teams. Dallas is aging and has shown they can’t lure the big name free agents, not to mention the disaster known as the Rondo trade. Chicago is on the verge of falling apart at the seams. The Lakers are just a mess all around. Memphis is the NBA’s version of the Walking Dead with all those injuries . The Kings are clueless and the list goes on.

Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Jerami Grant, Robert Covington, plus multiple first round picks in this upcoming draft and next year’s, and do you want to try to explain to me how Hinkie completely failed ? And the current Sixers payroll is roughly $24 million with the NBA salary cap expected to rise to $90 million. All of those assets are coming into play during the prelude into a critical offseason. They were all obtained by Sam Hinkie.

So now that Hinkie is no longer the guy in charge, Bryan Colangelo, the son of front office member Jerry Colangelo, will become the shot caller. I get becoming frustrated, but there is clearly a narrow minded approach here.

Bryan Colangelo is a two time NBA Executive of the Year. The awards aside, he has never won a championship. Pushing Hinkie out would make sense if they had a true championship guy coming in.

This whole fiasco all comes back to the owners. They clearly do not know how to run a professional franchise. There is zero sense of direction or loyalty.

The more I look at this, Hinkie is the wrong guy walking out the door.

It just feels like the ending scene of the Godfather when the Corleone family just kills everyone in one big power surge.

Hinkie had his flaws and shortcomings, but letting him lay the groundwork and forcing him out before he can reap the benefits is absurd.

If the Colangelo family succeeds it will be because of the their basketball savvy, if they fail it will be because of Hinkie’s faults. Win-win for the Colangelo’s. Hinkie devoted three years of his life to making the Sixers better, and the Colangelo’s waltzed into power.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the future of the Sixers has never been more uncertain than right now.

Best Case Scenario- Bryan and Jerry capitalize with their reputation around the league and sign key free agents this summer while acing  the upcoming draft, giving the Sixers plenty of building blocks as they look to drastically improve from 2015-16. The new regime adds legitimate assets, while letting the younger players develop. The maintain a core, while layering the team with strong dedicated players for the next several seasons en route to a championship.

Worst Case Scenario- Daddy’s boy tries to build a winner too fast and overspends in free agency, while bringing in just-above-average players. The young talent never gets to develop and gel among a team of transient veterans, who don’t know what its like to be a real Sixer. The Sixers will become a middle-seed playoff team and continually fall short of the conference finals. The Sixers keep meddling with the idea of a championship and the foundation Hinkie put into place, is totally wasted.