As many of you know my ultimate goal is a career in sports.

When I was younger I wanted to study sports management, then I realized I’m awful at math. Watching Jerry Maguire and Rod Tidwell eloquently and astutely discuss their fiscal plans made me want to be an agent, until I found out a law degree is basically essential for the profession.

Well, I can write (sorta) and know enough about sports (I think) ,so trying to blend the two is my ultimate career goal.

My blog has been my outlet for critiquing one of my favorite athletes of all time, cursing out a deplorable NFL scumbag, and trying to sum up the agony and history of my fandom. My blog has given me the forum to celebrate, complain, analyze, and try to emulate my favorite writers.

It’s a lot of fun to see everyone support, debate, and most importantly read my content and think it’s of some quality. I really appreciate everything from you all.

But I’m looking to find the next gear. There is more I can do in creating better material that furthers my progression in sports media and gives you all enriching, interesting content.

With that being said I’m happy to say that my friend Dan Allweiss, a former writer for, and I will be working together to try and take our ideas and brand to new heights. We will of course be writing, but new to 2017 will be our attempt at podcasting. While we’re still working out the kinks, we’re beyond excited for this new opportunity.

I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all of you, thank you for your readership, and together get ready for what I feel is going to be Last Call Sports’ best year yet.

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