The Giants had their season shipwrecked as the prop to their motor failed to get going, and struggled to generate any wake. Green Bay hit New York like a rogue wave with a 38-13 win in Lambeau. Aaron Rodgers proceeded through the Giant defense like a Coast Guard cutter through a swimming pool. Eli Manning finished with a quarterback rating of 53.7, while Aaron Rodgers surgically shredded the Giants defense en route to a QBR of 83.0. The Giants looked like low tide and their season is now 10,000 leagues under the sea.

The playoff loss has been seen before, but there is one picture that has more headlines than any part of the Wildcard Weekend matchup. You’ve all seen it.


It looks like an awful album cover. It’s so corny, but the picture is so entertaining.

O’Dell Beckham Jr. (center, blonde curly hair) is wearing skinny black jeans  and boots on a boat. O’Dell’s shirt is in the same place his Sunday night performance is, missing. Not only is he wearing Timberlands on a boat, they have fur on them (look closely) ! So it’s warm enough for no shirt but you need pants, and Timbs that are essentially leather Uggs ? Does he yacht not check the weather before he travels ? It’s freaking Miami !

Sterling Shepard (standing up, far right) is another receiver for the Giants poised to wreak havoc on the league for years to come, but unfortunately like OBJ, his sea legs are nowhere to be found. Jeans with built-in rips and skateboarding shoes makes it look like he’s auditioning for a punk-rock band. And to continue the ill-advised warm weather dressing trend, he wore a flannel in the Gulf of Mexico. Dude…

Victor Cruz (standing with bottle of ?? in his hand) is the most well-equipped for marine exploration because he’s protecting himself from harmful UV rays with a hat. Somebody’s not a rookie !

The picture above is comical to say the least, but the Giants loss has been attributed to the wide receivers’ getaway to Miami.

The notion that a trip to South Beach had nothing to do with the Giants’ performance. Between the three shirtless yachters there was 11 receptions and zero touchdowns. A poor playoff outing regardless, but the vacation picture being posted has ignited the social media scene.


Did any of those receivers play well ? Nope. But if you think a day in Miami actually effected their ability please think again.

The Giants exceeded expectations and made the playoffs. They were given a day off before their biggest game in years. A day off. They didn’t decide to hop on a private jet after practice and get wasted on a boat in Florida (Look at the guy sitting in the bottom left really close, is that a “cigar” in his hand?). They took some time to relax and get their mind off the game. There is nothing wrong with taking a day off (unless there were drugs).


Posting to social media was a horrendous idea. If there’s no picture, there’s no controversy. Beckham Jr.’s self awareness needs some serious work. Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and OBJ all did the same thing. Yet OBJ is getting the vast majority of the hate. Why is that.. ?

Maybe because he’s so freaking good ?


The man is as fast as an antelope. He has some of the cleanest, crispest routes in the NFL. His hands are legendary. I could exhaust myself listing other traits that make O’Dell Backham Jr. a world class football player, but anyone reading this knows he’s one-man wrecking crew.

This past weekend he proved he’s great at another thing, being a distraction.

OBJ is an ego-maniac, who doesn’t understand his impact on his team when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands. Very few people remember his bland stat-line Sunday, but millions will tell you how he went on a yacht and punched a hole in a wall after the game. The Giants as a whole should be the storyline, not a prima donna wideout.

If Eli posted a picture from a day off at Peyton’s house, would people blame his performance on eating Papa John’s and losing his mind while Peyton sang Nationwide commercial ? I hope not.

If safety Landon Collins spent his day off sightseeing in New York City would he be criticized for sitting on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty instead of watching film ? I hope not.

O’Dell Beckham Jr. is being held to a double standard, for no reason other than his well documented immaturity. The vacation down south didn’t make his hands weaker, nor did it affect Victor Cruz or Sterling Shepard. But to put this behind him, OBJ needs to look in the mirror, leave his ego at the door and keep on catching footballs. If not, he’ll be dragging an anchor around for a long, long time.