The Sacramento Kings have traded their star player DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans for a feeble return.


Boogie Cousins and Omri Casspi will be headed to New Orleans in exchange for a protected 1st round pick, a 2nd round pick Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, and Tyreke Evans.

Yes you read that correctly. The best offensive center in basketball  was dealt for three role players and two picks. This is a garbage trade. One of the worst in the history of the Association. This deal is reminiscent of the James Harden trade in 2012. Almost incredible how this was considered the Kings’ best offer.

Let’s see what exactly Divac traded for…

Langston Galloway is under contract for two more seasons making $5.2 million each year. Galloway is averaging 8.6 ppg, but Sacramento is expected to release him.

Tyreke Evans is in the final year of his contract and is making $10.2 million. Evans is slated to be a free agent this summer. The former Chester Clipper is in his eighth NBA season and looks like he’ll never live up to the expectations of a top-five draft pick. A fringe-starter for his career and his Sacramento days are already numbered. The Kings are essentially renting him.

Buddy Hield is in his rookie season, after a sensational senior year at Oklahoma, where he led the Sooners to a Final Four. Hield was a fantastic college player, who could nearly beat anyone single handedly on any given night, with his prolific shooting stroke. The college success has yet to translate into the NBA for the Bahamian shooter. Hield is averaging more rebounds per game than made three-pointers. 2.9 rebounds per game, and 1.6 made threes. Far from ideal for the sixth overall selection from the 2016 draft.

Buddy is a rookie who will make mistakes and is still trying to find stability in the NBA, and getting traded does no favors for the stability portion. Being a rookie doesn’t necessarily correlate with being young, and by NBA standards Buddy Hield is damn near middle aged.

Chavano “Buddy” Rainier Hield- D.O.B; December 17th, 1993. 23 years old. Rookie

Kyrie Andrew Irving- D.O.B; March 23rd, 1992. 24 years old. 6th season

Giannis Antetokounmpo- D.O.B; December 6th, 1994. 22 years old. 4th season

So the Kings got questionable players in return, but they got two draft picks, so it’s not all bad right  ? Guess again.


For the record, the Kings drafted the first four names in that tweet. That is so unimaginably incompetent and absurd it’s almost impressive. But that’s assuming they even receive their pick this year.

If the lottery puts the Kings outside of the top ten in the 2017 draft order, their pick goes to the Chicago Bulls. If the Kings are ahead of the Sixers in the draft order, the Sixers will exercise their right to swap picks. Sacramento better start praying to the lottery gods multiple times a day.

Vlade Divac is in rare air in terms of general manager stupidity (evidence here). I’m not a front office genius, but if you’re a pitiful drafter, an outstandingly terrible trader, and don’t have the prestige or reputation to sign a vital free agent, how will you get better ?

Divac publicly stated he would not trade Cousins… and he ended up trading him. Good luck dealing with agents and players, when you make public promises and break them a few weeks later.

Cousins and Sacramento were unfit for each other and the transaction was long overdue. Cousins is hotheaded, immature, and just as much a detriment to the Kings as he was a positive. Dealing Cousins isn’t the wrong move. The Kings are now officially one step closer to hitting the reset button, but there is still no hope in sight, thanks to the bleak potential of the returning trade package. Now the two best offensive bigs in the league play on the same team. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

New Orleans now has 2/3 of a championship caliber core, and with two big names could possibly attract another star in free agency. Sacramento has no potential franchise-altering talents, and is in a precarious draft situation for the next several years (this year and no 1st in 2019).

Ever since Vlade Divac was given the keys to the car in 2015 he’s been swerving along smashing into guard rails, but he’s only been a GM since 2015. The dysfunctionality of Sacramento goes all the way up to the owner Vivek Ranadive. As long as Ranadive continues to employ naïve front office brass and ignores the reality and logic of his situation in Sacramento and the league around him, they will be stuck in the NBA basement.

If Ranadive keeps Divac at the helm the Kings will be wrestling with the Brooklyn Nets for the most illegitimate and clueless franchise in the NBA.

Oh and by the way Divac said two days ago there was a better offer for Cousins. A BETTER OFFER THAT HE DIDN’T TAKE. Why would you ever publicly say that ? The Kings are setting the gold standard for how not to run a professional sports team.