Last week I posted my casual NFL fan/die-hard college football fan big board ranking the top 32 players. Draft’s Thursday so between now and Wednesday, I’ll be providing my youtube insight on every player who made the board.

32) Teez Tabor – Cornerback, Florida

Tabor was a playmaker at Florida racking up 4 sacks and 8 interceptions, taking 3 of those back for scores in his three years with the Gators. Tabor was also a big time trash talker, notably ending up with his foot in his mouth against Tennessee and stomping on the Tigers’ graves at LSU. The good comes with the bad. Tabor plays significantly more athletic than his combine numbers indicate and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Does he have the top end speed to hang with NFL receivers? That’s the biggest question he’ll face.

31) Demarcus Walker – Defensive Lineman, Florida State

Walker, admittedly doesn’t have the best measurables and is more of an effort player than a dominant athlete, but his production was off the charts. The versatile defensive lineman tallied 26.5 sacks over the last two sacks including a 4.5-sack game against Ole Miss and a 2-sack game against Florida as a senior. He also racked one up in the Seminoles’ Orange Bowl victory against Michigan. While Walker may never be a top-end pass rusher, he’s the type of guy who can hover around double digits by taking advantage of favorable matchups and lapses of focus from the opposing offensive line.

30) Taco Charlton – Defensive End, Michigan

A late bloomer, Charlton had 9 sacks last year leading Michigan’s defense which ranked near the top in most statistical categories. Charlton is an athletic specimen (4.7 40-yard-dash) that some think is only scratching the surface of his potential. Charlton has shown versatility to rush from the inside and the outside and could fit in a variety of schemes.

29) Leonard Fournette – Running Back, LSU

Fournette is one of the greatest enigmas in this year’s draft – all the running backs are. He’s an athletic freakbeast with mesaureables that should wow almost anyone. I, however, see too many signs of Trent Richardson in his game. If you watched Trent at Alabama, he seemed less quick every year he was at Alabama. Same goes for Fournette. His straight ahead speed is fine and he tested well at the combine and at his pro-day, but something seemed off. In pads, maybe the injuries caught up with him? His lack of proficiency in the passing game diminishes his value as well.

28) John Ross III – Wide Receiver, Washington

Ross is a blur. He ran the 40 in under 4.2 seconds at the combine and his film speaks for itself. All reports indicate that his glass knees are looking pristine at the moment. The league’s best comparison for Ross is Desean Jackson, the speedster for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both can take it to the house at any time and are stellar at spot punt-return duty taking over in big spots. Ross’ inability to really get going against Alabama is a concern for me as well as his long-term health.

27) Haason Reddick – Edge Rusher, Temple

I’ve never actually seen Reddick play because the only Temple game I almost watched, I was drunk at a bar when they beat USF after Quinton Flowers got hurt. Here’s an article on MLive.Com about Reddick

26) Garrett Bolles – Offensive Tackle, Utah

Look at this magnificent bastard!



Best haircut ever.

25) Malik McDowell – Defensive Lineman, Michigan State

McDowell is another fairly polarizing prospect. On one hand, he’s got the athleticism and flash to make you believe that he could be a dominant and versatile defensive lineman at the next level. Robert Ayers is a decent comparison as a guy who can use his strength outside against tackles and his speed inside against guards. McDowell also has a hot temper and a mean streak that make him an emotional and streaky player. Gotta keep him locked in though. If there’s a player at the top end of the draft who will welcome having more talent and help around him, it’s McDowell. Michigan State sucked this year and offenses gameplanned almost entirely around him.

24) Evan Ingram – Tight End, Ole Miss

Most prefer David Njoku to Ingram but I hate the University of Miami and so fuck David Njoku (who seems like a really good dude but whatever). Ingram was exceptionally productive at Ole Miss finishing with a statline of 65-926-8 as a senior. Ingram is a blur and ran a 4.42 at the combine. He got 19-reps up at the bench press and has elite athleticism. There are some who see him as more of a Delanie Walker h-back/big slot guy rather than  pure blocking tight end. That’s because Ingram has issues with physicality. As the NFL turns to more of a vertical passing game however, it’s going to be hard to find guys with higher ceilings than Evan.

23) Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback, Texas Tech

Mahomes has a big arm, good athleticism for the position, and comes from a professional sports pedigree. His dad was a Major League Baseball player. Mahomes’ highlight video is pretty fun so I’ll just link you to that (so many Matt Stafford comparisons) and his coach, Kliff Kingsbury does this:

22) Takkarist McKinley – Another dude that got his ranking because pretty much every other place put him here.

“Get hit with the TaRICO”

21) Jarrad Davis – Linebacker, Florida

Jarrad Davis’ NFL-stock has been an absolute roller coaster. At one point during the year he was right up there with Zach Cunningham and Reuben Foster as the top linebackers in the draft. However, a series of late-season injuries dropped his stock to the 2nd-3rd round. However, Davis came out and grabbed the combine by the workouts and vaulted himself back up into the backend of the first round. Davis is a tackling machine who plays best downhill but can also hold his own in coverage. Florida’s defense carried the team to two straight SEC Championship scrimmages and Davis was the anchor of both.

20) Reuben Foster

The draft is in 4 days and it’s still possible that Foster could submarine his stock even more. He got kicked out of the combine for fighting a volunteer and it leaked later that his piss-test was diluted. A diluted sample generally means a player is covering up something…. or has has a nervous dick and overcompensates to make sure he pees. Feel that dude. Foster was banged up at the end of the year but had previously been the best linebacker in the country. He’s best playing downhill but has elite athleticism to get back in coverage. Alabama linebackers have kind of been boom or bust in the pros, but Foster has all the tools to make it at the next level.